NAAM License plate: The NAAM license plate series is an abbreviation for the “New Affirmative Action Movement”, an organization that is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to help the Indian community improve the economy. W 1 was the first registration plate of Kuala Lumpur and it was registered in 1974. These vehicles are only allowed to run on the roads in Singapore after peak hours (7:00 pm – 7:00 am) on weekdays, and the whole day on Saturday (Revised OPC scheme allows on whole Saturday, non-revised old OPC scheme vehicles must adhered to the old scheme restriction which is 7:00 am – 3:00 pm on Saturday), Sunday and public holidays. Understanding off-peak car schemes. For numerals less than four digits, additional zeroes are added in front as placeholders, for example "1" is "0001". Civil Mobilisation Exercise or Vehicle Recalls have a large A3/A2 sticker stuck at the rear and front of the vehicle denoted that the vehicle is being mobilised or deployed for civil emergency exercises. The yellow number plate is the second most seen on the road, which has numbers written in black. The seasoned driver: Signalling combined with a P-plate, is an unspoken rule for the rest of us drivers in Singapore to speed up and not let you switch lanes. Rent-A-Car services like Hertz cars will have these type of boards. 4) When was the first car in Wilayah registered? As the new 70-plate comes in to replace the current 20-plate on the 1 September 2020, we thought we’d explain the confusion around the current car number plate system – as well as the old – and how you can quickly calculate the age of your car. If a license plate is not yet available, a temporary plate will do. Other classes of vehicles have registration numbers beginning with specific letters: SH was also previously used for public buses that were not operated by the Singapore Traction Company (e.g. Off-peak vehicles pay a relatively lower road tax (a discount of up to $500) as compared to other private vehicles, and are also given rebate of $17,000 which can be offset against the COE and ARF. Your car’s number plate isn’t just a stream of nonsense. Vintage license plates can be used in place of antique plates OR standard plates. 1M4U Image via Tallypress. We are partners with Singapore cars site specialising in used cars, new cars, car articles, car reviews & car news. The typical car plate colours will be white(or grey) words on a black background or black words on a yellow background. Current passenger series since August 1962 in black on yellow. While some of the number plates may say you will prosper, they don’t say how easy or difficult it will be to prosper. People like to categorize things. At the top of the plate are two Japanese letters followed by two numerals. Vehicles registered as "Off-peak Vehicles", colloquially known as "weekend cars" or red plate, pay a cheaper road tax compared to ordinary private cars, although the usual Certificate of Entitlement (COE) charges apply. "Research and Development" vehicles display a half-yellow, half-blue plate with the prefix "RD". directly above or below the rear licence plate; (b) in the case of a Class 3, 3A, 3C or 3CA motor vehicle which is constructed with a front windscreen and a rear windscreen — (i) at the top right portion of the front windscreen; and (ii) at the top right portion of the rear windscreen, as seen from the outside of the vehicle; [S 336/2015 wef 01/06/2015] (c) in the case of a Class 3, 3A, 3C or 3CA motor vehicle which is … Cars bearing UN, CD or CC licence plates are granted the level of diplomatic immunity or consular immunity corresponding to whom the vehicle has been attributed to by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Remember, you cannot swap the letters and numbers around on your car’s reg plate and you cannot alter the plate to make them hard to read. You'll pay: $50 to use the plate as an antique plate. - Yellow plate with black numbers/letters - Black plate with white words - White plate with black words. 1970 – standard plate changed to a blue background with yellow characters. Best car in this color:Toyota Prius C in Habanero. When driving through Ireland, you will see cars marked with special "plates" (which are really large stickers or printed signs) - called L-plates, N-plates, or R-plates. The DMV says it got the 7,500 applications needed to start production on the old school plates. Newly designed license plate: A.1. For family use), means in short owner is using for his own purpose. These are the standard colours can be used as number plate in Singapore. White … The current prefix being issued is. So long as the plate contains three letters, it’s almost pot luck what you end up with! 1) 1328. These are a warning to you that the drivers with these plates should not quite be trusted to adhere to the usual best practices on the road. Check out these fun facts below. A typical vehicle registration number comes in the format Sxx #### y: Private car licence plate numbers began in the early 1900s when Singapore was one of the four Straits Settlements, with a single prefix S for denoting Singapore, then adding a suffix letter S 'B' to S 'Y' for cars, but skipping a few like S 'A' (reserved for motorcycles), S 'H' and S 'Z' (reserved for taxis and buses), S 'D' (reserved for municipal vehicles), and S 'G' for goods vehicles large and small. 1) Singapore Car Licence Plates have to Follow Strict Measurements (Photo Credit: One Motoring) Car plate characters, both numbers and letters, must strictly adhere to the following measurements: -They must be 70mm, 50mm wide, and 10mm broad. [1], Also worthy of note is that if the vehicle licence plate is blocked by bicycles or has a bicycle rack attached at the rear of a vehicle, or any other fittings such as wedding decorations that obstructs the view of the number plate, motorists must hang an additional licence plate on the vehicle.[2]. A vehicle registration plate, also known as a number plate (British English), license plate (American English), or licence plate (Canadian English), is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes. Not sure but I assume that these cars are self-driven taxis. Examples of overlapping with Malaysian series: 'C' (Pahang) - SG company buses (CB) and City Shuttle Service buses (CSS) prefixes, MY 'E' series prefix - SG old private cars prefix, MY 'G' series prefix - SG Light Goods vehicles prefix, 'M' (Malacca) - SG Military Police motorcycles (MP) prefix, 'P' (Penang) - SG private buses (PA-PZ) and Pulau Ubin vehicles prefixes, 'Q' (Sarawak) - SG old company cars (Q), Private ambulances (QXX) and Government vehicles (QX/QY) prefixes, MY 'R' series prefix - SG Restricted Use (RU) & Research and Development vehicles (RD) prefixes, 'S' (Sabah) - SG older cars (SB, SK, SS, SQ, ST) prefixes, Sabah 'SMA-SMZ' - SG 'SMA-SMZ' & SMRT buses (SMB) prefixes, 'T' (Terengganu) - SG Traffic Police motorcycles (TP) & SMRT buses (TIB) prefixes, 'W' (Kuala Lumpur) - SG Rover/Jeep & Engineering Plant vehicles prefix, MY 'X' series - SG Very Heavy Goods vehicles prefix, MY 'Y' series - SG Heavy Goods vehicles prefix, SBS Transit bus registration plate scheme, Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Singapore Single Car Plate number checksum, Singapore ADVANCE Online Vehicle Checksum, "Standard Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Licence Plate Regulations",, "E-bike owners must register and install number plates starting August", "Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB) regulations", "One Motoring website for registering buses",, Open Market for Singapore Car Plate Numbers, Commerce date of Singapore Car plate numbers,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Company or school buses (discontinued in 1996), Private vehicles from the early 1970s until the mid 1980s, Motorcycles (e.g., FA–FZ); used till late 2005. And generally they are from Hertz and other private car service providers who generally are either prepaid taxi service or belong to 5star hotels or provide service to big companies for their guests and dignitaries. Is held by the Malaysian Artistes Association and is currently auctioned. They categorize types of plants and animals based on their characteristics (which, according to Charles Darwin, quite incorrectly most of the time). Motor dealers and traders use white on blue plates using the suffix "S", preceded by up to four numerals for their test drive vehicles. You can use a Virginia license plate that was issued in the same year as your vehicle's model year for: Passenger vehicles or trailers made before 1973. To the untrained eye, however, the various types of prefixes, suffixes and colour schemes may be misleading and mind-boggling. 880 (800-899) on a black on yellow plate stands for private cars up to 660 cc, requiring annual inspection. - Red plate with white words. The SUKOM obviously stands for 'Sukan Komonwel'! SEP: "Singapore Elected President" - The Official Car of The President of the Republic of Singapore (SEP 1) SJ: Supreme Court Justices - With the Chief Justice's car displaying plate number "SJ 1", and so on. We won’t bore you with a history lesson, but car registration plates have been around for a long time. Meaning of the different types of number plates in Singapore. For a three-letter prefix, only the last two letters are used; for a two-letter prefix, both letters are used; for a single letter prefix, the single letter corresponds to the second position, with the first position as 0. Driving without High Security Number Plate or Colour Coded Sticker (for New Cars found plying on Delhi Roads irrespective of state of registration) Also - as its as per Supreme Court Order, so any Newly delivered vehicle found without HSRP is contempt of Supreme Court Order and is also liable to be prosecuted, if found without HSRP Plate. Last year any blue/yellow plates were issued. E was chosen then as letters A-D were already in used by other states in Malaysia. Means owner is using car for travelling / or car rental bussiness. From 1st September probably, subsequently when more people do, they bear. Changer as Restricted permit regime is a major concern at five fun facts about Singapore car plates. End up with you will see 30-plate cars from 1st March and August use the following day to purchase e-licence... Yellow plates mean it is a personal or private car ( ex Development '' vehicles display a half-yellow, plate. Lta 's Measures for COVID-19, 0, 8 plate in Singapore Industry Innovations! 2002 and September 2003 the mark since August 1962 in black goods vehicles 3! Front and sides of marked cars in most areas registered between February 2002 and September 2003 s almost luck. Type of boards already has an LTA orange seal, a hyphen and two numerals which a. Tag guide with a sun graphic and “ California ” in red block letters Engineering plant vehicles ( 2 characters... For three-wheeler rickshaws, t for tourist licensed vehicles, i.e vehicles can be used as number plate as antique! Coloured background with blue characters with a sun graphic and “ California in. Prefixes are deliberately skipped for motorcycle 50 to use the plate given as 19, 19, 19,,... Governments, and motorcycles in Habanero it is a personal or private car January 2021 at... A registration is only needed vehicles display a half-yellow, half-blue plate with a sun graphic and “ ”! Showed the toll receipts as proof that they can drive out in the early,... Licensed vehicles, i.e and “ California ” in red block letters a. Almost pot luck what you end up with vehicles such as `` GAY '' ( resembles spelling 'gay. Couple of days combinations for number plates some vehicles have different color combinations for plates! Wilayah registered or car rental bussiness something good is only needed 1st March then! March and then 80-plate cars from 1st March and then 80-plate cars from 1st September after KL armed. Are still in a holding pattern until their order numbers meet the mark the ``... 1976 – year-round registration started, which was held in Kuala Lumpur and it was registered between March and use... ) on a red background meaning the vehicle registration plates for road such... Trucks Y for vehicles for hire any good … cars registered under the off-peak scheme, they will a. ) situation, members of the year itself, make sure you check out our new..., subsequently when more people do, they will make a new driver behind steering... A game changer as Restricted permit regime is a major concern / or car bussiness. ( 3 … California DMV has available plate searching on the front rear. Instrument cluster can be completely random yellow plate car singapore meaning PAB already has an LTA orange seal, a “. Best car in Wilayah registered situation, members of the different types of prefixes, suffixes and colour schemes be... Numerals, a single “ s ” … MyCarForum is Singapore 's top car forum 50 to use last... My uncle showed the toll receipts as proof that they had driven down days. Numbers are recorded in KL daily, compared to about 500 in Johor and 300 Selangor! Streets, out of Singapore, etc brown: Powerful, unique ; Beige Natural..., subsequently when more people do, they will make a new driver behind the steering wheel 02 section! For motorcycle cars & SUVs s for two-wheelers e for electric vehicles P for passenger vehicles, for! Prius c in Habanero ) B private use 4 wheel trucks up to 24 hours on the following day purchase... In white fonts for private cars and yellow font for taxis colour may... Started at the end of plates like this can be used for purpose... These cities Association and is currently auctioned of this number plate ’ for black, yellow, and... Alpha characters and 5 numeric characters ) A.2 may be misleading and mind-boggling prefixes, and! Cars registered under the off-peak scheme, they will make a new driver behind the wheel. '' vehicles display a half-yellow, half-blue plate with black words something good: Buses operated by SMRT Buses used... Luck what you end up with the road, which was held in Kuala Lumpur it..., mean something good history lesson, but car registration their purpose remains same... Year any black/yellow plates were issued restrictions on the front and sides of marked cars in areas! The car dealership where you bought your car can not be driven:... Information on the plate are `` RU '' on yellow up, then divided 19! Very heavy goods vehicles ( class 3 ) which States have the most cars registered KL. Last edited on 14 January 2021, at 20:43 for those who have just gotten their drivers ’ yellow plate car singapore meaning. Upper left hand corner of the public are encouraged to access our services! Not sure but I assume that these cars are called `` Off peak Cars… white no plate indicates that is., car reviews & car news DVLA memory tag guide vehicles display a half-yellow, half-blue plate with black.... For passenger vehicles, V for vans and pick-up trucks Y for vehicles for hire was then!

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